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Isn't liminality in many ways novelty? As I see it, there is a tension between order and novelty. Order without novelty becomes stagnant, unadaptive, and dead. On the other hand, too much novelty disrupts the system and may even lead to its destruction.

This is not just a social-cultural tension, but something that characterizes all systems from a cell to an ecosystem. Cell/ecosystem have an order or structure that they sustain, but when faced with too much novelty and change (high temperatures/too many new species) the order breaks.

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Agreed. Liminality is to my mind the injection of novelty into the system via a carefully controlled container. Too much is a serious danger — or so Turner said of the tribal feeling about it.

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From my understanding of liminality, couldn’t one consider living itself a liminal experience? There is no permanent structure to living, it varies from individuals, it is a constant process of growing, changes and transitions. Could we say that life is the transition from birth to death? What i mean is whatever state it is that precede birth could be considered a structure, life is the transition from that structure to the next one, death. Death is unchanging and the state preceding birth is the same, living is the only part that is constantly changing and that allows transitions. I hope my question was clear and understandable, this was an interesting and instructive read.

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