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> Nihilism isn't a crisis arrived at philosophically; it's a personal emotional and psychological crisis which is manifesting as an intellectual Nihilistic philosophy.

This is a fantastic insight, and perfectly put.

A great article. I loved this movie and you’ve given me a few more reasons to

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Thanks Superb Owl! It really is a gem of a movie

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One of the most comprehensive , pertinent , articulate l, relevant and timely “film reviews” I’ve had the privilege to read for decades. Thank you!

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Love is the answer indeed. In a way, I have a seething rage against Camus and all the other nihilist clowns. They used their gifts for evil, they planted the 'seed of despair' as the Bhagavad Gita puts it. They missed the obvious, which is that meaning is something that is constantly hitting you over the head, whereas nihilism is just a story you can tell yourself.

And it is a serious error: aside from the ordinary meanings we all encounter, there are still grand meanings. The existence of suffering is not something we have to accept, and the planetary struggle against it is something that should provide quite a lot of meaning. Basically, nihilists should become effective altruists.

And once suffering is gone, we can turn our attention to the multiplication of joy and spread to the stars in a human utilitronium shockwave. Why, maybe we will figure out how to make the universe eternal, or perhaps escape it or remake it. And if we don't there is always the doubt as to whether the Hindus are not right with their notion of maya...

Nihilism is not real, just a brainfart of the philosophers.

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Thanks. I got hung up about the dildo penetration visuals. But it is a matter of giving the people what they want. I do that under similar circumstances. To the drinker a 7 dollar mixed bourbon. Believe me , people are tough, if we can afford it, at the personal scale , give them our costars' we all are costars assistance. And as you say there is life left over. I wanted to forget themovie because I donot want objects stuffed up my hole, but it has a plot to share with those who will not read for example _the Rebel_. Move should be rated Nc 17 though. I lost friends because i screamed when the man was raped. I guess nobody was warned before watching Deliverance? Wait, they were warned. This damn movie should have a label on it saying Our generation's Deliverance. At last a religion entirely contained in one movie always and forever. With deep plastic penetration. Should be on the label. Or else, let's show it to 5 year olds. Yeah, i am non mature. There really is a middle path and those who do not enjoy porn should be given a heads up in a civilized country.

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You make several good points

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One can carry off these abstractions of life if one is lucky enough to live in geography where none too much is changing and not for the worse either.


Put this to the test. How do these people caught up in this apply all of that?


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